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The Impact Of Media On Society

The impact of media on the society can be seen in different ways. Various social scientists have offered their views on the roles, effects (negative or positive) and their recommendations. Carey (2009) offers these theories. First, the Soviet Communist Theory where he argues that in this theory, the media served the ruling party and was […]

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Should Money Be Spent On Space Exploration?

The study of space exploration may give us great scope of God’s creation and human benefits. We have knowledge that Velcro originated from NASA. In any case, why try spending this cash investigating space and discovering there was water on Mars sooner or later in the last couple of thousand years (we have water in […]

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The destruction of the world’s forests is inevitable as our need for land and food grows. Do you agree? I agree with this statement that the destruction of the world’s forests is inevitable as our need for land and food grows. According to Foley et al, 2005, the forests are the lungs of our universe […]

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Effects of Living Standards on Environment

The extent of environmental degradation over the last half a century has raised concerns over the future of planet earth. Environmental experts and activists have set out strategies to reverse the current degradation pattern through policy and public awareness. Unsurprisingly, most of the causes of this degradation emanate from anthropogenic activities (MacDonald, 2010). As the […]

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Modern Technology Makes Life More Convenient

These days, modern technologies have evolved to become basic parts in numerous sectors from education, transportation, correspondence to handling and processing of food. Some critics of modern technology argue that the introduction and continued use of cutting edge technologies makes life more complicated as well as making individuals to become busier (Friedewald, & Raabe, 2011). […]

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The Crusades: Salvation or exploitation

Introduction In the current Christian setup, the crusades have been used as social avenues of exploitation. In the past, the crusades were events where Christians voluntarily attended with the main purpose being to convert the non-believers as well as affirming their faith. What is more important, the movements were meant to bring together several interlinked […]

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Telecommuting and its impact in today`s society

Today’s world has seen great transformation. From the days of our fore fathers when man needed to take hands on approach in carrying out day-to-day activities, to a point currently where computers and machines perform our tasks. According to Gajendran, & Harison (2007), telecommuting refers to the practice of working from home for a given […]

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The Perfect Mall

Being an environmentally aware person, I believe that modern buildings should adopt a green architectural design. In this respect, I would ensure that the perfect mall serves, not only as a shopping center, but also as an urban ecological center. In my view, the perfect mall, should expose the shoppers to an outdoor experience, by […]

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