Good Ideas for Argumentative Essay

One has to keep in mind that persuasive papers are a bit different from argumentative ones. For this reason, in a persuasive essay, it is necessary to persuade readers concerning the general topic, while argumentative papers are targeted at one particular part of this general topic.  For instance, one can compose a persuasive paper on the topic of capital punishment, stating that the given kind of punishment is thought out to be inhuman, but in argumentative papers the focus is shifted to one state in order to narrow down the topic. This article will inform about a few ways how to begin an argumentative essay and finish it. So, sit comfortably and start reading the article very attentively.

Every Actions you Have to Take or Do not Have to Take

  • Do: Try to be passionate concerning the subject, and such approach will turn your essay into a passionate one too.
  • Do: During the process of research, assure yourself that you apply only credible sources. In case you do not stick to this tip, the essay can turn out to be plagiarized, which may cause serious academic problems.
  • Do: Assure yourself that you possess enough facts to support your stance regarding the subject.
  • Do: Assure yourself that you provide enough number of reasons to back up the topic. In addition, this factor is considered as very significant one, so it does not have to be neglected. At the same time, follow all steps to writing an argumentative essay.
  • Do: Finally, you need to define the conflicting side of the argument, debunking their claims.
  • Don’t: Do not apply such word combinations as I consider, I believe, or I feel that… in the paper; because it seems to sound weak and it is possible to compose better than that. Therefore, try to choose words very carefully, thinking about the final result of the essay. The given approach will bring you only success and nothing more.
  • Don’t: Do not pronounce yourself as a professional in the given sphere.
  • Don’t: Do not apply religious or moral aspects in order to back up the claim.
  • Don’t: Do not be so sure that readers will take your side regarding the subject of the paper.
  • Don’t: Finally, do not make other people to look bad since you do not imagine how to argue the topic. Try not to think that the best topics for argumentative essay will not appear out of nowhere.

The Structure of the Essay

  • The introductory part has to contain general information regarding the topic, which then should be narrowed down with the thesis; you will have to argue the thesis.
  • The following paragraph is targeted at transitioning readers from the introductory part to the main body of the text. Wrap up the introductory part and apply the given paragraph to present your thoughts and ideas for the next paragraph.
  • The next several paragraphs will demonstrate readers the collected material to back up the topic. Mind that this part can be one of the most important.
  • Later on, it is necessary to inform readers about the facts that you have discovered to back up the thesis.
  • The concluding paragraph of the paper has to summarize everything read by readers, formulate the topic once again, and make an explanation of its importance.

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