Modern Technology Makes Life More Convenient

These days, modern technologies have evolved to become basic parts in numerous sectors from education, transportation, correspondence to handling and processing of food. Some critics of modern technology argue that the introduction and continued use of cutting edge technologies makes life more complicated as well as making individuals to become busier (Friedewald, & Raabe, 2011). From my own perspective however, the greater part of these technologies have had a positive effect on society. In most cases, new innovations have helped people from different fields to accomplish numerous things which were previously non-achievable or even impossible to some extent. For instance, since the introduction of modern sun based boards which are commonly known as solar panels, which absorb daylight and convert it into power, the cost of solar energy has been significantly reduced. Due to the affordability of this kind of energy more people and organizations are opting to use this kind of renewable source of energy.

As a matter of fact, with cell phones and the Internet – two of the most vital innovative creations in the last century (Horwitch, 2013), individuals are presently more approachable to by their managers, making them busier from time to time. Individuals can likewise use these technologies to work at home. In this way, their work schedules may be more adaptable, and they can invest more time and energy with their families. Moreover, with these technologies used in communication, transportation modes have been shortening distance covered and thus allowing the economy to grow at a faster rate.

In conclusion, the above cases are only a couple of the numerous that could outline the case that present day technology makes life easier and convenient. Accordingly, it is recommended that the improvement of technologies be one of the principle focuses of each nation.

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