The Crusades: Salvation or exploitation


In the current Christian setup, the crusades have been used as social avenues of exploitation. In the past, the crusades were events where Christians voluntarily attended with the main purpose being to convert the non-believers as well as affirming their faith. What is more important, the movements were meant to bring together several interlinked leaderships. This involved principals the inborn with particular people and those that were offset by faultless and rational methods of preaching the word.

The Crusades played the role of converting the non-believers into joining Christianity as well as preaching the word of God to the pagans especially during the Christian Holy War period. In the modern society, the Crusades are being used by the rogue preachers who are using this as a chance to meet their interests. Instead of willingly helping and aiding believers to repent their sins, many preachers are nowadays using crusades for the purpose of their personal benefits.

Many priests in the current society are performing their sermons around their own needs, and many of them have risen to be millionaires by organizing and running international crusades that are meant to fetch money from believers. They are robbing the poor believers in the name of spreading the word of God. The believers who are in most cases armed with the Bible verses end up believing that God only blesses those who give. Evangelic churches spread this religious fraud during the crusades who falsely promise the innocent believers that they would be freed from the chains of trouble that surround their lives (BIOS SCHOOL, 2008-2015 p1).

In conclusion, crusades should be held with the primary objective they were intended for. The rogue preachers should stop using the movements as a means of building their  lives. The believers also ought to be enlightened on the ways to identify the false priests whose primary aim is to rob them of their hard-earned money.

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