The Perfect Mall

Being an environmentally aware person, I believe that modern buildings should adopt a green architectural design. In this respect, I would ensure that the perfect mall serves, not only as a shopping center, but also as an urban ecological center. In my view, the perfect mall, should expose the shoppers to an outdoor experience, by incorporating various elements of nature within the building.

Firstly, I would ensure that a large fountain is installed at the center of the mall, which would act as the focal point. To make the building a natural spectacle, I would install live indoor plants along the pathways. At the mall entrance, I would replace the brick walls with large fish tanks consisting of sharks, dolphins, and other aquatic species. In addition, I would ensure that the exterior walls of the mall are made of glass, to light the indoor plants and reduce the need for daytime lighting (Yudelson, 2008).

Since the mall will attract a large number of customers, there is a high likelihood that navigation and congestion issues may affect business operations. To solve congestion issues, the building’s entrance shall lead to the center of the mall, from where the customers can navigate to their desired destinations (Hayes, C., & Schul, 2015). Subsequently, the mall will consist of multiple interconnected paths which will ease movement from one end of the mall to the other.

Overall, the perfect mall should adopt a conservative theme by showing that the consumerism culture and Mother Nature can coexist together. As a result, the mall will, not only offer a splendid shopping experience, but will help urban residents to connect with the natural environment. Furthermore, the unique design of the building will attract many shoppers who would come to view the amazing spectacle created by the mall.

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