Welcome and thanks for stopping by. I’ve been writing for the audience for the past five years, focusing on topics such as songs, IT news, operating systems and the latest but no less peer reviewed books. I also do my share of scientific research.

I loved to read as much as I can remember. I almost never have a book in my hands. I will read any format, but my only true love is a real hardcover book.

Writing a personal essay is what came to my mind. Words, as a rule, pour out of me, and many of my essays actually write themselves, so to speak. My subject is extensive. I write about topics that interest me, and I constantly work on improving my writing skills. Check out some of my essays in the “Recent Messages” section of the menu on the right.

Food is another big area of ​​my life. I’ve been a greedy cook for decades and literally I can cook from nothing because of pure practice. I’m not always happy with cooking under the gun, but feeding my family is a priority and a commitment that I take seriously, although I still need to remind myself of this especially bustling days without end on the site.

Nutrition, natural health, fitness and natural medicines, such as homeopathy. To round off my interests.

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