PC in details

Here we try to help all kinds of PC users to understand its construction and functionalities

What is a computer processor?

“Process” is the root of this word, it directly says that the device itself, the processor, is responsible absolutely for all processes going on in your personal computer, tablet, laptop, and today even in home TV. When we choose a computer, we pay special attention to the choice of processor. Have you ever wondered why […]

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Which is better: HDD or SSD?

Still, somewhere 10 years ago, an ordinary computer user did not have a question: what drive should I buy for my device? Since at that time, there were only HDD-drives (hard disks). But since 2009, new SSD-drives began to gain popularity, which are fundamentally different from their predecessors. HDD is a classic drive in which […]

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What kind of keyboard to choose: membrane or mechanical?

When buying a new keyboard for your computer, we usually pay attention to: the color, the number of buttons, the form, the presence of the backlight, etc. But in fact, the parameter is more important – by what principle the keyboard works. There are 2 types of keyboards (which are radically different from each other): […]

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Hackers and Stolen Passwords

Classic in protection isn’t a you wish to accept whilst classic could be fairly – amazing within the framework of audio, style along with other disciplines. Our boy, an incredible artist and fan of classic-rock audio, is definitely about the search for anything a new comer to pay attention to, and frequently my buddies may […]

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Keep Your Chromebook Safe

In my opinion, Chromebooks are exemplary. They truly are cheap, fast notebooks that’ll match the running needs of several clients, and on occasion even due such as for instance a one which is extra, consequently to their primary computer. They truly are truly secure and Safari OS house-modifications a lot better than every program that […]

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The Fastest Desktop

Within Pete “Maverick” Mitchell’s phrases, the requirement is felt by me… pace is needed for byte!” Nicely, at-least that is what Intel is experiencing because it simply introduced that it will put its ridiculous 72-primary Soldier is Landing processor into manufacturing. Nevertheless, that is not actually the absolute component that is most thrilling. The absolute […]

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