Should People Stop Using Facebook?

Facebook is a networking service that is used for communication socialization and business. The site was invented at the Harvard University in 2005 (Phillips, 2007).  Currently, a billion people across the world use the service. The emergence and rapid growth of Facebook have caused a heated debate among sociologists. There are many benefits of using Facebook. However, there are negative behaviors that develop from the continuous use of the service. Facebook is certainly a useful service to many people. However, its continued use can cause devastating effects to the user and; therefore, they should stop using it.

Facebook has created a society of people who are obsessed with themselves (Harris, 2015). The use of Facebook and other social media services have made the users crave for instant gratification. Users share private information such as photos and their feelings (Surakka, n.d. p.12). They expect to receive compliments from their friends or other users. Such users are more concerned about what other people think about them over what they feel.

The pursuit of fame and recognition has forced people to share private and indecent graphics over the Facebook. Since Facebook has a massive following, men and women seeking fame are willing to do incredible things to obtain an audience. Girls are particularly affected by this identity crisis (Harris, 2015). Facebook has transformed users to feel like items for sale.

People should, therefore, stop using facebook because it affects their social life. Despite the many benefits Facebook offers, its continued use threatens the ability of people to socialize effectively. If people stop using Facebook, then they will be able to live better lives.

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